Executive Coach

As an Executive Coach and Styling Consultant I guide and coach female professionals, managers and entrepreneurs who are looking for coaching inside out. For example, managers and entrepreneurs who don’t get the same amount of coaching as their collaborators. Also, managers who have just been promoted and are struggling with their new responsibilities, authority and appearance.

Ways of working

First of all, we find out which specific leadership competencies need to be developed and/or reinforced by the executive. For example, delegating, coaching, persuasiveness and other. I work in a close and an intensive contact with the coachee to enhance one or more of the leaderships competencies. The coaching process will be short and firm to come to the desired result. My approach is action focused. Consequently, by setting up goals and making plans. Furthermore, executing those plans, reflection and a progress check.

1 on 1 coaching

Personal coaching is effective to accomplish a significant development. First, by a 100% commitment of the coachee. Second, the built-in progress check. Third, sparring with the coach at any given moment. The active contribution of the coachee will be the most accountable for the end result.


Most noteworthy, coaching inside out means we will look at the whole picture. How to focus on your best features with your existing wardrobe. If necessary, I will advise which items to add that are essential in every executive’s collection of garments. Accessories and make-up are an important part of styling as well. In my practice at home the coachee will have the opportunity to unwind and discourse in all integrity and peace.