Corporate Trainer

My added value as a Corporate Trainer is my 32 years of experience in hospitality, cosmetics, luxury goods and jewelry. At Swarovski I experienced and facilitated many facets of Retail. As a Trainer & Coach, ad-interim Retail Manager and HR Business Partner.

In practice

I empathize with the consumer as well as the sales consultant. For example, when I’m in a store I quickly see what has been done efficient and with an eye for the consumer.Also, I see where improvements need to be made. I’m convincing, sympathetic and lead by example. Most importantly, I’m also good at selling. I possess the selling theory very well. Furthermore, I can transfer my knowledge into a comprehensive training.


For instance, if there is a shortage or decrease in conversion (turning a browser into a buyer), add-on sales or selling higher priced products. Therefore, you have found the right person. No matter the type of products being sold in the store. Because of my open and approachable attitude I chat with everyone coming into the store. Regardless of age, gender, culture, education or appearance. As a result, I convert the small talk into a sales conversation. This is due to my never-ending interest in people and by the way I’m cultivated. Would you like to know more about my ways of working ?