Ways of working

As a Corporate Trainer I can advise, guide and train your company in many ways.

For instance, develop and implement a sales training for your stores. In addition, team coaching and leadership training for your store managers, district managers and first line managers are some of the many possibilities.


During our introductory meeting we will talk about the improvements that need to be made in customer experience and increase in turnover. On the basis of an analysis of the company, meetings with key stake holders and visiting several stores I will make an action plan and proposition. That is to say, for a tailor made training while maintaining the company values, culture, vision, mission and strategy.

At work

Firstly, I will develop the training. Secondly, I will roll out the training to store managers, training experts or training managers in the company. In addition, it’s important to invest in an e-learning platform if not yet present. Blended learning is the most effective way of knowledge transfer. This consists of e-learning, classroom training and self learning. The project will be finished once the training has been launched and implemented. Subsequently, I will do regular check-ins with your company to ensure follow up and to hear where the need for improvement lies.