About me

Self-employed and independent professional

After 32 years of working for 4 different employers in retail and the luxury goods business it is time for the next phase. My 50th birthday in 2018 was the turning point and start to change course. Swarovski was going through a worldwide re-organization and clustering of countries and continents. Therefore, my job moved to Paris. Which is my favorite city. However, I chose to start my own business as a Corporate Trainer and Executive Coach. In conclusion, with 32 years of valuable retail, training, and coaching experience and entrepreneurship in my vein this is the best next step in my career.

Where it all began

I was born and raised in an entrepreneurial family in the hospitalilty business. Whether it be in the restaurant, kitchen, housekeeping or front office, I learned all the tricks of the trade. At a very young age I already spoke 4 languages and could communicate with all the different people that stayed at the hotel. During highschool and while working at my parents’ hotel I also accepted a weekend job at the department store Vroom & Dreesmann. This is where my love for retail started. After a year I started working part time in a perfumery and cosmetics store. Here my love for luxury goods was more fueled. I loved to advise beautiful products to make consumers even more beautiful. Following many trainings with the big luxury brands are a must to keep up with novelties and new techniques. The last 4 years in the store I was promoted to the role of assistant store manager.


Since a young age I had a major crush on the brand Chanel. After 8 years of experience in the cosmetics business I was hired to work for this beautiful brand. That was the cherry on the cake. The first year I worked as a traveling beauty consultant. After that, I was promoted to the role of account manager. I held this position for 6 years. What an amazing experience. I learned everything there is to know about luxury. Training was a very important and ongoing part of the business. We often went to Paris to be trained. For instance, in product novelties and leadership skills.


In 2002 Swarovski Benelux reached out to me to set up a training department. There was none at that time. Everything needed to be designed, developed and rolled out from scratch. The role of training manager and first line manager was new to me and the perception of the brand Swarovski was very low. Another great experience where I learned a lot about myself and my resilience. I reported to the managing director Benelux and the Head of Learning & Development in Switzerland. We had many meetings in Europe and especially Switzerland to work on new trainings. The last 2 years the Benelux expanded. In addition, I was also responsible for the Nordics. The cherry on the cake was the international meeting in Bangkok where we developed new sales and leadership trainings. As a bonus we were invited to visit the factory where Swarovski’s jewelry is handmade. This is a very complex process and we tried to make jewelry ourselves. I still treasure the pieces that I made and could take home with me.