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1. Welcome every single customer in the store

Sounds logical, right? And too often it doesn’t happen at all. Not only say welcome, but also give the customers the feeling that they are welcome. And that you’re happy they came to your store. You are there anyway, so why not make it a great workday?

2. Make small talk

You can talk about the weather, that’s always a good subject. Or give them a compliment on their outfit, talk to the children that are with them, ask tourists where they’re from etc. Everything with genuine interest. Chitchat about anything except the store, the products or special offers, save that for later. It’s important to build a relationship and trust with the customers. Show them that you are a person as well as a sales person. If you do this, the customers will have more confidence in what you advise them later.

3. Ask for the reason why they came in to your store

Now you have broken the ice and started a conversation it’s easier to ask for the why instead of tackling the customer at the doorstep with the question “can I help you?”. The customer will answer with “no” anyway and it’s difficult to approach them for a second time. If you know what brought the customer to your store, you can use this in your advice later on. Good to know that a lot of customers walk in a store without knowing which store they just walked in. In tip 4 you will find out how to inspire these customers.

4. Ask if they know the store and the products

This is the perfect opportunity to introduce new customers to the store and what makes the products unique. Storytelling. Because “facts tell, stories sell”. If it’s a returning customer you can ask about their favorite product or their last purchase. Customers love to talk and they appreciate a sales person that listens. Store all the information they give you so you can use this later on in your advice.

5. Be an ambassador of the store and brand

You can inspire and influence your customers by acting as a true ambassador and being proud about the company you work for. Remember Steve Jobs’ famous quote “people don’t know what they want until you show it to them”. This is very true. A lot of customers come in to the store without the intention to buy something. Because of the warm welcome, the conversation and the genuine interest, the customers are more inclined to buy from you.

Conversion, it all starts with the conversation

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